Bridge 3_Sensorial Community Map

Project Prompt:

How does map making fulfill a need to organize and define our world?
How accurately does it define it? What are the political implications of creating boundaries?
In this second collaborative project, the team grows to 3 or 4 members.
Each team will take an onsite tour of a NY neighborhood they choose, and will conduct both observational and archived research of the cultural history and evolution of its population and architecture. This investigation will culminate with each team creating a sensorial map that will navigate through their neighborhood as experienced through one or more of the five senses.

Project Description:

This project we will choose NY neighborhood we choose, and create a distinctive map about the neighborhood. Our team decided choose Chelsea.  Because Chelsea has become an alternative shopping destination, the stores of Chelsea reflect the ethnic and social diversity of the area’s population.


• Studio visit with artist Paula Scher to learn how about her process, her technique, and her intentions in her painted maps.

• Onsite tour of one of the following NYC neighborhoods: Chelsea

• Research

• Mind Map of ideas for Map

• Studying Strategies for working in Teams

• Developing Prototypes of Team Map




    Over the years, Chelsea has been developing rapidly with new restaurants, galleries, sporting venues and shopping spots. Chelsea is also known as one of the centers of the city’s art world, with over 200 galleries in the neighborhood. Many people wants to watch exhibition and show would like to come to Chelsea. The arts scene is the area’s biggest claim to fame, with people from all over coming to soak up the galleries that line the streets, and to mingle with the industry’s elite. Whether you’re traipsing the halls of the Whitney Museum of American Art or hitting the streets between 19th and 22nd, artistic works abound, and the very best can be seen in the David Zwirner Gallery and Luhring Augustine Gallery. Some famous artist’s artwork also we can see in there. Such as Andy Warhol, Fin Simonetti and Leonard Cohen etc. 

   On the other hand, the largest numbers of same-sex couples live in a corridor of sorts, that stretches from Greenwich Village through Chelsea and into Hells Kitchen and Midtown along the west side of Manhattan. Chelsea, long known for its gay singles scene, also registered the highest proportion of same-sex couples, and, in one census tract bounded by Sixth and Eighth Avenues and 18th and 22nd streets, 22 percent of all couples were same-sex couples.This area has a large LGBTQ population.

    For the lifestyle, ELSIE LEVY has lived in Chelsea for 25 years, but she considers herself a newcomer compared to many other residents. ”That’s not really a long time as far as Chelsea is concerned,” she said. Because Chelsea changed very fast recent years. Hilda Regier, a Chelsean for 14 years, said she can walk down the street on a Saturday afternoon and greet every third or fourth person she meets by name. ”It’s a place where you have a strong neighborhood feeling,” she said, ”and you can come to belong if you want to do that.’’ It means Chelsea is a diversity neighborhood, you can find yourself in this area without any pressure. Chelsea has remained a self-contained, relatively stable, out-of-the-way enclave to a degree noteworthy among Manhattan neighborhoods. When we walked to Chelsea, we got the feeling of its being like a small town or an independent area. People live there feel relaxed.


Working process

During the process, we still change the details.

Final Project:



During the Bridge 3 project which is create a map for our neighborhood. Our group member are Johnny, David, Wendy and Kelly.  

Start with David, he was help with painting the details such as rail way, use pencil to sketch the whole idea on canvas and chose his favorite artwork to paint. He and me worked together to cut the new Chelsea map and use glue to connect them. 

Wendy use her sketch book to draw the ideas and concept, she also chose her favorite artwork to paint. And after David finished sketch, she used mark to make the lines clearly. 

Kelly gave the idea about background represent Hudson River and  painted the background of the map. She used glue to put the photos on the old Chelsea part. She also chose her favorite artwork to paint

For me, I gave the concept about make 3D part of new Chelsea part, it can show the contrast between New and Old Chelsea and give the idea to use canvas to show the map. I bought the grass and use glue under the 3D model and work with David to make it better.I showed the idea about put our favorite artwork together. I also chose my favorite artwork to paint on the new Chelsea map.  I gave our group some good advice to make our map better,  I gave the concept about make 3D part of new Chelsea part and give the idea to use canvas to show the map. I bought the grass and use glue under the 3D model and work with David to make it better. We all chose our strength part and use it. I liked to create 3D model and made distinctive view of project. This map I made it.



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