ASSIGNMENT#5 -3D Paper Polyhedrons

The objective of this assignment is to “learn to create 3D polyhedrons using 2D nets and to practice using ‘olfa’ knife and connecting 3D forms without glue traces” – Syllabus

The Outcome Of The Assignment:

What is a polyhedron?

A polyhedron is a 3D iteration of a polygon. Polygons are 2D shapes that are equilateral on all sides (meaning each side is the same length). To create a polyhedron there is a specific method in which to construct it. First, however, one has to create the shapes in 2D. The “blueprint” is called a net.

Working process:

From 2D to 3D in this specific assignment, we were not allowed to use glue so we were left to our own devices in order to form the paper polyhedrons.


Final project:


For this assignment, I feel a little bit difficult without using glue, I need to think about the structure of these polyhedrons. I cut the details very carefully. If I miss a small piece of the structure, I could not make the layers together. Finally, I made it. I like this assignment because it was a  foundation of create 3D objects. Even though the process not easy, I can learn from it.


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