ASSIGNMENT #4 – Thumbnail Sketches


Thumbnail sketches are a series of small, unrefined drawings, just brainstorming ideas that will be refined in cohesive design later. 


During the research, I got the inspiration from spider.  Spiders are chelicerates and therefore arthropods. As arthropods they have: segmented bodies with jointed limbs, all covered in a cuticle made of chitin and proteins; heads that are composed of several segments that fuse during the development of the embryo. The body exoskeletons had different function. Spiders also have in the joints of their limbs slit sensillae that detects force and vibrations. In web-building spiders, all these mechanical and chemical sensors are more important than the eyes, while the eyes are most important to spiders that hunt actively. The inspiration also from the silk, it is mainly composed of a protein very similar to that used in insect silk. It is similar in tensile strength to nylon and biological materials such as chitin, collagen and cellulose, but is much more elastic.

I liked to created a high quality, modern product. Thus, I believed spider could be a good element for my product. I may use the spider body exoskeletons shape and the silk element to create a product.

Concept and Idea:

Firstly, we asked to drawing development of 3-4 concepts based on our research and inspiration, I sketched many elements connect with spider and the shape. And also use the silk as an important tools relate each part of design to a whole body. Below the development of my ideas can be seen. I had six concept with spider and silk elements. The inspiration of wings and arm decoration, I thought the exoskeletons of spider is unique than other animals. The functions and flexibility are the main point of this sketch. As well as the inspiration of rest four sketches. It all has the spider and silk elements through the design. 


Part 1

Sketch 9 motives and elements from your inspiration research about your “body cover” in each box print out the grid template or create one yourself).

9 Initial Thumbnail Sketches :



Part 2

  1. Combine the motives together and see what we could come up with- the total of 6 combined motives
  2. Name each drawing based on the motive theme- literal, emotional, sensation, etc.

6 Developed Ideas  and 3 Final elements :


Part 3

  1. Effectively communicate concepts using points and lines
  2. The new configuration would be used in your future projects



For me, this is my first time draw the thumbnail sketches, it is really helpful to develop our ideas and concepts. I can come up with different design motives and ideas in a short time, which make my design process more efficient. Also, it is a good way to find which is the best one for our project. Overall, I like this assignment, it really helps me a lot to be creative and organized.

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