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Field trip about visit Brooklyn Museum




This is my first time visit Brooklyn Museum. I really curious about what kind of exhibition they have. I was get attention from the first floor. The Infinite Blue topic have different objects from holdings of Asian, African, Egyptian, American, and European art. Blue is a fascinating strand of visual poetry running from ancient times to the present day. I felt surprise about this museum have many china in the display room. Thus I took many picture about china, the shape and color were very unique. It also close to the topic Infinite Blue because the color and the pattern hard to control. Other exhibition in this room also use different ways to show how it is infinite. Such as the last photo I took, the exhibition from Japan. I love the shape and texture of it. Why it is unique and is infinite blue? The reason is this exhibition from nature. A beautiful color. For the western country exhibition, I like the old radio. Although experiments with the notion of wireless communication date back to the mid-nineteenth century, the first radio transmission in the United States occurred in 1920. New technology required new forms, and as the household radio rapidly gained in popularity throughout the twenties and thirties, many designers devised different shapes and styles. Walter Dorwin Teague’s radios from the mid-1930s are among the most iconic early radio designs. I can’t believe the design looks very futuristic at that time. The color that he chose was a good point for the radio design. When I walked the middle of the room, I saw the Lemme walk across the room, the first New York City solo exhibition by the emerging artist Eric N. Mack. Firstly, I didn’t know what he wanted to show, later I understood. Mack’s work exploded the boundaries of painting, sculpture, and fashion, dynamically reflecting and framing the rich visual experiences of the everyday.He encouraged the viewer’s intimate relationship with the work by folding, fastening, draping his paintings so that visitors can move about the space—walking among, or even under, the elements of his installation.In this insistent consideration of how the audience’s body relates to his artwork in real time, Mack’s work draws from not only sculpture but also fashion, it is a medium of particular interest to him with its potential for aesthetic experience within everyday interaction.

This field trip, I really have many information and inspiration for the design. It was a really good activity.

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