Bridge 1 Project: Building a Loom and Weaving a Poem

Project description:

During Bridge 1 you should be thinking about how to develop your own tools and techniques for your work. You will learn how to build your own loom from scratch. Then weave a piece that is reflective of your poem in Seminar. 

The materials you weave on your loom should have a connection to the ideas and concepts you are discussing in your poem in seminar. You also have the freedom to design how you would like your loom to be set up.

Material Ideas: yarn, ribbon, fabric, wool, flowers, cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, food containers , fruit, grass, tree branches, books, hair, food, anything can be woven!


My poem:

Johnny Chen


Suspension, sleep and art;

chairs, table and salmon;

water, plants and fresh air; 

faint, purple, words and logical;

meaningful, direction and description,

finding and encourage. 

multi-culture; multi-culture,

see through, translate into and clarified.

In front of photograph and art work, all of them.

Inspirit, attract and lead to prove the future. 

Every words come into mind; every image fresh the mind. 

Designer, student, professor are creating.

culture exists, art exists.

In 1896, a star came out.

It influenced a lot about Art and Design;

it became more and more successful.

I had a chance to be a member of the star.

2017-9-23, I came to New York City.

I started my trip.

For life, for art, for design and for culture.

Think nothing can ever be greater, nothing can ever deserves

more than it deserves.

It worth to wait the answer and discover.

I write like the sunshine; I write like the pop music.

I write like the answer; I write like the river.

I write like the childhood; I write like air plane.

How can I find the meaning of life?

What’s the role between art and design?

How is the multi-culture in public?

How does truth significant in design and art?

How would things be different if you see the things different from you heard?

What if people were try to wear masks every moment?

I am studying on the real data and things that we know them because I want to find out what is the necessary of truth in our life. In order to help my reader understand truth and lie we find them everywhere.

I am trying believe art make the truth have vague impression because I want to find out what do you think that the way artists create their work is the same as the way we interpret it. In order to help my reader understand the meaning of the painting.

I am studying the cause of sentimental because I want to find out what is the sentimental influenced the fact. In order to help my rider understand the reason of telling truth with different ways. 

Material decisions and relate to my poem.

The materials that I use, white yarn, black yarn, red yarn and nails.

My poem describe about positive energy, negative energy and our life. The other part is about muti-culture and art. I use white yarn represent positive energy and the truth, because it looks pure and clean. The black yarn represent negative energy and lie. I sew them on opposite side to show the different area of energy and life. Red yarn is a gun and also can represent blood. If we heard about too much lie and stay in a negative energy, it will be breakdown.


Working process:


Final project:


I really like this project, this is my first time use sewing skills in my work. It is fun and interesting to do. Because it is a unique way to show a poem and hard to create the shape smoothly. In the beginning, I made a small point at the first line, control the yarn up and down to change the shape and make the yarn more stable. Then, I wanted to create a gun with red yarn, the same method to make the shape, the different part is make the gun’s shape.  After I was sewing this project, I don’t think it is a hard project, I just need to pay more attention and look carefully about the yarn. This time just a start to use this skills, I hope I can bring this method into my future products. Lastly, if I have time to make this project, I may add more details.




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