An Alphabet for Newtown Creek

Alphabet for Newtown Creek


Drawing on our field trip to the Newtown Creek, on the audio field guide we listened to, and on assigned readings, as well as on your own research, think about the various systems that exist and intersect there, and design a visual alphabet as a 20×30″ poster that depicts the creek’s systems.You can design your poster using any medium of your choosing. Collage, photography, illustration, etc. Alphabet should be the standard 26 letter American English alphabet.

Meaning of each letter:

A– Flower and brick

Newtown Creek has some wild flowers and some waste brick from unknown field.

B– Curly leaves

Leaves means hope

C– Leaves and birds

To show Newtown Creek full of vigor and vitality

D– Architecture

The American style architecture represent history

E– Ribbon

It means strap the waste food and garbage

F- Trees and door

Stop cut the wood

G- Metal

The metal also can influence our environment

H- River waves

Newtown Greek near the river and it was easier to organize garbage

I- Bird and American style pillar

Developing the recycle system

J- Leaves and flower

Newtown Creek is a park

K- Sunflower and carbon fiber

The technology in Newtown Creek

L- Waves

The challenges about trash and recycle system

M- Curly metal and plum blossom

To show the technique

N- A coin and grass

Improve the recycle system can help our selves save money

O- CD and leaves

Recording our daily life

P- Carpet

The Newtown Creek have space to picnic

Q- Moon and grass

The moon means direction, the grass means growing

R- Rock

Newtown Creek can be a standard to help us build environment system

S- Scarf

The connection between our self and our waste

J- Magnet

Magnet attraction to metal

U- Bulb and Magnet

Idea and future

V- Jewelry


W- Wind and Yarn

Air pollution

X- Flower carpet

Relaxed lifestyle

Y- Flower and Grass


Z- Curly lines

Different Trash

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