Drawing and Imaging: Final Project

For the final project, there were elements of the extract that was given to us that stood out to me, moods, themes, and elements.

Elements that stood out to me were the theme of death and loneliness, flamingoes, the colors, the cigarettes and the pills.


For the wallpaper, I took inspiration from the typical art deco patterns of the time and made a wallpaper that seemed overly luxurious, ingrained with traced images of a scatting microphone, flamingo skeletons, and pill bottles.

For the portrait of the girl, I chose to do an automatic drawing so as to capture her wild spirit. The drawing has holes burned into it to create a layered effect, as one can see especially with the placement of the skeleton of the flamingo. Under the other holes is timer countdowns. Cigarette butts are all over the artwork as if she had been putting it out on her artwork,

This work was challenging as I have never done an automatic drawing of this size and level of detail before but I am very happy with the way it turned out.

About me: coming from a country where the arts, queer culture and anything subversive or controversial was never given importance or were frowned upon, I am deeply interested in all of those things. Artists and designers like Le Corbusier, Rouchamburg, Margiela and more inspire me and my love for archiving, deconstruction, Dadaism and the grotesque. I am also incredibly passionate about fashion, cinematography and the Marquis de Sade. What I want to bring through in my work is a study of some of my obsessions, both thematically and in execution, some of which are controversial in their content but that's why I chose a school like this where a voice is recognized

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