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About Me:

Hello, Mabuhay, Hola, and 你好! My name is Jules Kho who specialises in mostly photography and newspaper design in the current year of 2017. Many of my photographs span from candids, landscapes, and photo shoots for the school’s newspaper. However, I do like creating photoshop collages or illustrations about some of my favourite things such as k-pop, nature, and band posters such as the one that I did for the virtual band, Gorillaz.

Unfortunately, I’m rubbish with a pencil and can’t draw or paint for my life but I try anyway. I feel that I’m better with my computer, creating 3D prints or making puzzle boxes with a laser cutter. When I’m not in school or doing other after-school activities, I travel intensively. My family is filled with big time travellers so every year we go to someplace new. My top five visits have been to Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Costa Rica, and China. I would highly suggest going to these places and visiting amazing sights such as the glaciers of Iceland, endless green in Ireland, the rustic farms with delicious pasta in San Gimignano, Italy, the amazing volcano in Arenal, Costa Rica (pura vida ^_^), and the Bund in Shanghai, China with a great view of the city.

Anway, please enjoy my portfolio and all the crazy creations I make!

Ciao, Jules Kho

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