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Texture Titles

The experimental text piece, or Texture Text as I like to call it, was a project based upon using textures and text to create a piece that utilised the title, texture images, and text into one cohesive page of 18×18. The project was fun in terms of learning to play around with Illustrator and the textures to create something interesting and cool. The shape building tool was definitely my best friend during the process as it was the only tool I used to create odd cut out pieces.

To get to this final image, I made three different drafts with about three to four iterations to each of them. I was not satisfied with my first two drafts and decided to compile them together so that they may become the design above, which I’m much happier with. Through this project, I believe that I understand the implementation of textures much better as they add a level of interest on the page/screen that allows the viewer to look at the entirety of the piece.

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