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Typography Painting

The typography painting, albeit not my favourite, was an interesting project for understanding the implementation of combining colour and text. Here, I used the word “discovery” from my title and tried to play around with the idea of discovery from the history textbooks. Travelling through the sea and land to find undiscovered areas like Christopher Columbus and Marco Polo. Subsequently, I designed my “discovery” to emulate a wave with the blue, imitating the ocean, at the peak of the wave and the green at the bottom of the wave as green land. While cutting out and tracing the letters was not a concern, painting was definitely a struggle as I tried painting as closely to the lines as possible while mixing the correct colours for the small areas of overlap. In addition, once the painting was finished, I was struck with the obstacle of colouring the background. Painting the background gray was not a hard task to complete, but I did not calculate the fact that I would require more gray paint and actually ended up with multiple shades of gray due to multiple mixes of gray to fill the space. Overall, it was a project that I enjoyed in concept, but in execution, I believe I could have done better.

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