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Poster Project Planning

For my poster project, I dabbled with three concepts: photographic privacy, depression/suicide, and fashion being an outlet for self-expression. For photographic privacy, I did not find a whole lot of posters for inspiration because the topic itself is so niched. Instead, I based my research on privacy itself and did not find many posters that were to my style. The closest I could find was something such as these: (see below). In addition, I’m quite hypocritical about the topic because my idea was to talk about how I hated having my picture taken when it is a hobby of mine to take random photos of others. So, with those in mind, I thought that I shouldn’t delve into taking on this idea.


Next was depression/suicide. From the get-go, I didn’t want to do this topic because although it is very important to me, I did a very dark ending to my book project in that my main character starts disintegrating, i.e. dying, so I didn’t want to have such a similar topic. But nevertheless, I found some posters such as these:

With photos like these, I’d rather not dwell on such a sad subject. Finally, I came to my last idea that I thought, I could incorporate more hand drawn pieces as well as keep my strength of photography. My current slogan/idea/saying etc.etc.: “Self-expression isn’t only through our faces.” Currently, a lot of people at my school see me as that kid who tries way too hard on out-of-uniform days to piece her outfits together. But they don’t understand that I like dressing in accordance to my moods or how I feel like presenting myself in front of my peers. If I feel cute, I’ll wear something cute. If I feel like being a badass, I wear leather. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  So, I want to make a piece that basically reads that fashion, or clothing is a way of expression, a way for us to show who we are as people without needing an introduction. A way to emulate our emotions or the emotions we wish to carry out. So inspired by these posters: (see below). I’ve decided to incorporate models wearing whatever clothes they feel show who they are or what they are comfortable with, with hand-drawn messages and detailing by the models themselves and me.

From here, in class, we created a colour swatch as well as played with the scanner and the tools of live painting and image tracing. 


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