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Cooper Hewitt Patterns

During our visit to the Cooper Hewitt Museum, we were tasked to find four certain types of patterns: one abstract pattern(shape pattern), one real life image pattern, one pattern that relates to culture or a historical period, and one object that is covered in a pattern that brings the object more visual interest.

For the abstract image, I chose the photo with swirls because it was very pleasing to my eye to see the circle nature in the spirals and then the radial nature of the photo with the gold surrounding the man and then the swirls surrounding the gold.

I also liked this more blot-like textile just because when I first think of abstract patterns, my first thoughts are to textiles such as this.

For my real life pattern, I chose this elephant pot and the fans because they both look interesting in their own way. For the elephants, I love how it looks with the variation of sizes to the elephants whereas the fans were interesting as it was completely unexpected to see fans used in a pattern and still looking cool at the same time.

As the exhibition was called, the Jazz Age, it wasn’t very difficult to find patterns that were related time periods. The first one I chose was the Victorian styled pattern in which you can tell that the pattern was representing another era due to the differences in clothing the people were wearing. I loved how each image in the pattern depicts a certain recreational activity in what I assume was their time. The second photo displays New York’s building as a pattern in a way that displays the city, its streets, and famous locations all in one photo.

Finally, the items that I believed brought more visual interest with the use of the pattern was this dress and pot. Without these patterns, the dress and pot that are supposed to be decorative or used to enhance the body or flowers would look extremely plain in their core colours of black and brown.


Apart from these patterns, there are many sculptures and items that I enjoyed. Here are some pieces that did not have patterns that I enjoyed:

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