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Pattern Project

For the pattern project, I chose “Kung Fu Cello” by the Piano Guys (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCaH-qqTWpk) that was inspired by the theme song of Kung Fu Panda but with a more orchestra-like feel. After deciding to focus on the freedom, nature-like feel of the song, I didn’t particularly like the small unit, tile-like patterns that are most common when coming to pattern textiles. In addition, my theme was all about more flowy, free form type of patterns rather than something that is uniformed. So instead, I was inspired to create more radial and abstract textiles similar to the ones I saw at the Cooper Hewitt Museum. So I created these two initial patterns. The more abstract pattern, made of pink flowers that emulate wings, was supposed to match flying animals such as an insect or a butterfly to simulate flight. I had also made a spiral-like piece made up of lotus flowers, flowers that reminded me of Asian Culture, on a gradient of water, thinking of peaceful still water.

The abstract, flower flying, piece that I had made was satisfactory, but the illustration of the spiraling flower wasn’t technically a pattern. So, I started creating a radial petal flower that ended up being my pattern once it was patterned by a hexagonal column. In addition, I finished my giant petal creation to make what I call “Petal Death”, becuase every single circle of petal had to be scaled, and adjusted, then copied.

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