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Poster Project

In reference to the previous post, “Poster Project Planning”, I ended up with the decision to do a poster based on the idea that you can express yourself through fashion. Albeit not the most exciting idea, I’m really passionate about the subject because back at school, I’m pinned as that girl who tries too hard on out of uniform school days because I feel like getting dressed up more fancily in comparison to the rest of the girls who are dressed in more casual clothing. In my preliminary sketches, I had come up with the slogan of “Self-expression isn’t only through our faces.” This slogan turned to be very ambiguous and since the point of a poster is to clearly give your audience your vision, I had to do some research on how other people depicted self-expression through clothing. Around 3 google pages of blogs later, I came up with the new, shorter, and more direct motto of “Style Speaks” which was light years better than my previous slogan.

In addition to my wish of doing a poster on fashionable self-expression, I also really wanted to do a formal photo shoot with my friends as a way of depicting this philosophy. So I gathered a couple of friends and did a photo shoot; producing many photos as such of these where some were single, coupled, or grouped.

Gathering the best photos, I then created my first draft of my poster that ended up being my final. At first, the poster did not have the mini drawings but I felt that with the bright colours that the poster could use some fun little drawings to not only reflect the people themselves but enhance the drawn on clothing. The drawn on clothing’s purpose highlighted their clothes and their individuality (even though most of my models ended up wearing monotone clothing but that was their style so I couldn’t complain).

Here are some of the other drafts of my poster that I created, but decided they didn’t have the same cool feel as the first one.

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