Bridge 3 Final

The story described a sad story about high line and a family which happened in the year of 2004. The girl’s daddy was one of the workers at the High Line. At one day ,the tragedy occurred— He was during the process of construction. The family was plunged into sadness. The girl cried with her father’s working clothes at the High Line and meanwhile, one of the Founder of the High Line passed through her. The girl was distraught and came up with the idea to kill the Founder as revenge. However, at the time she was trying to reach that founder, her mom came at the same time and stopped her immediately. She told the girl that nobody could make her daddy resurrection. An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. After a big struggle inside, the girl finally gave up revenge. Although she gave up revenge, she was extremely sorrowful because she could not forgot the death of her father.

Jiwoo Lee — girl/father

Azalea Xu– mother

Dan Zhou– founder of the High Line


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