Bridge4 Final Draft

The most challenging part in my memorial is using hot glue gun to stick all the yarns stable on the black cardboard. It was extremely to do this process by myself and I spent a lot of time to make all the lines clean and meaningful. Firstly I printed an exact size picture as reference and then I tried to find all the points on the cardboard. After that, I put all the pins through surface and connected them carefully with yarns.

Frank Gehry was famous for his special and crazy designs of those buildings. In my memorial, I want to show people all the features and characteristics again through my work but in a 2D version. I choose some of his work and photoshop together to create a new but similar design of Frank Gehry. I choose to use yarns and cardboard because these are all non expensive material— some of the criticisms about Frank Gehry is that all the design he made wasting too much materials and cost too much as well. So I want to show a different feeling to the audience that they can also made by non expensive and simple material.

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