First Semester Reflection

Learning art is always a long journey for me. As I keep trying different types of art materials and challenged myself, I am always improving. I was influenced by my mom since I was very young— although none of my family member is doing job related to art or design, my mom was extremely interested in buying a lot of fancy clothes and artistic furnitures. Therefore, I   have a strong interest of doing art and I want to become a designer in the future.

Before going to Parsons, I have never had such systematized learning of art and all the art pieces I made was for fun. However, after I study for one trimester at Parsons, my idea changed a lot. At the beginning of the trimester, I learnt how to draw quick sketch of a nude model, how to use Photoshop to reorganize the photos and how to use Premiere to edit a short video. And all of the knowledge I learnt have some connections with each other so that I could keep practicing and practicing those software while doing my assignments. In a case, we were assigned to make an Arcimboldo Portraits by using any stuffs around us. After some brain storming, I started my project rapidly. Firstly, I used camera to capture those images that I want for my portraits. Then, uploading those images into the laptop, I used photoshop to cut the edge of things I want to appear and combine them into one image. In the end, I have created a portraits on my laptop. The advantage of editing on photoshop is that I can always change and try new stuffs on. If I don’t want it, I can easily delete them. Personally, I was really exciting about the process of learning Photoshop and illustrate because I have never touched those software before.

Another amazing project we did was to make a short movie for our partner. I really benefit from this project as it is a chance to know my new classmates better and enlarge my social circle. The project asked us to have a “seven day dating” with our partner in class and make a video to show our partners’ personality. My partner is Emily Feng who is a good friend to corporate together. We cooked food for each other and sang for each other. I knew she suffered from a really dark period for her life in the past so that I choose to create a short movie that showed her depression. All the video were shooting by our own and I even learnt how to cut a video. The overall outcome was successful and I was pretty proud of what I did.

In a nutshell, I have learnt a lot of new technology this trimester and I believe I became more professional after those projects and more importantly I had fun and gained a lot of new friends. I look forward to learn more drawing technic and fashion design stuff in the next year. 

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