Bridge5 Final

My Bridge5 project is mainly to find and set a suitable spot for my memorial in the New York City. As we know, Frank Owen Gehry is a famous Canadian-born American architect around the worldwide, and the works of Frank Owen Gehry with outstanding geometric characteristics and unique artistic styles are widely recognized and praised by the people all around the world, which has made him become one of the most controversial international architects in today’s world. My project used yarns to wind around the pins and create a 2D based artwork on a black cardboard. As most of Gehry’s works are 3D buildings, so I want to made a different version artwork but based on his style. Then I made multiple layers on top of each other to improve it into a 3D work. In bridge5, I am going to put my design between two tall buildings in the New York City. The idea is to change the artwork into a web.  The work looks like a web which connects the city. It stands there, reminds people of Frank Gehry, and it perfectly fit between common buildings and does not feel awkward. Meanwhile, people would still be able to see through the things behind it so it does not block the city view. Moreover, I used different colors of light to light up the work, made it colorful at night as Frank Gehry likes to use bright color in his art work. The most challenge part of my bridge5 work was to use photoshop to get rid of the black background clearly and make the lines looked like a web. I spent many days to cut the background and make sure the lines could fit between two buildings.Although Gehry lived as a very controversial period and he came under some criticism for his choice, I believe people’s perspective would soon change in favor of his designs and my memorial.

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