Week 2: Great Acceleration and the Anthropocene.

1) What kind of projects and work do you think might be needed by designers because of the Great Acceleration? What are two ways that the changes resulting from the Great Acceleration are affecting your life?

I think designers needs to consider about some projects that are relate to protect the environment and develop the use of new energy.

One way that the changes resulting from the Great Acceleration is the fast transportation. For instance, nowadays the train, subway, and the popularizing of cars makes people’s life more convenient. The second changes is the growth of population. In my homeland China, we have such a huge number of population that we need the birth control policy to restrict the growth of population every year.

2) What do you think it means to “think and design beyond the present” as a designer? Why might this be important?

Personally, when thinking of a good designer, it is always can connect— connecting the future and the past. All the things that made by designer need to contain unique ideas and creative thinkings. Meanwhile, only when the designer think and design beyond the present, the product they designed could attract people’s attention and interests.

3) Research the word Anthropocene and write a short description that you would share with a close friend (using your own words/language to explain, not an internet definition). What is one example of how the Anthropocene is affecting your home country? Images are encouraged.

Anthropocene is the history of earth. There is no specific evidence that proves when was the first human being born on earth. Some hypothesis inferred that the history of earth may started on the 18th century when the first human activity affected on earth that changed the climate of earth.

One remarkable mark of Anthropocene is the increasing of carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is the result of human activity. In China, the greenhouse gases is also a significant issue that need to be solved. Because the huge amount of carbon dioxide can destroy ozone and hurt the environment we live.

4) Next week we will tour Parsons’ Healthy Materials Lab Resource Library on campus. Please visit their site to learn about their work and watch the Green Science Policy Institute’s video series (7 videos in total, each about 3 minutes long) on the “Six Classes of Chemical Concern.” Answer the following questions:

Was was most surprising about these videos? Explain in detail what was most surprising to you and why.

The most surprising things about these videos is that they all started talking about some small and neglected products in our life that will cause a big problem and hurt our body and the environment. For instance, the waterproof products will reduce the health protection provided by vaccines and pollute even the most remote places on earth.

Do you use any of these materials commonly in your work or personal life?  Which ones?

Yes, I do. I often use the plastic water bottle because they are so convenient to carry.

Will you change your behavior as a result of watching this series?

I will change my behavior. It is a long process. I need to talk all my friends and suggest them not using plastic bottles and other materials that is bad for environment.

Why do you think so many chemicals exist in contemporary designs?

Because they are cheap and easy to make. The manufacturer only thinks about making profit but no body thinks of the environment. Meanwhile, the manufacturer made them because the society need those items.

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