Bridge 1: Diagram of your Room Stage 2 on LP + Diagram Post

On the left part of my map is my childhood map. I choose to design my map in this way because I want to show my

forlorn feelings to the viewers. In my memory, my family did not have a specific bedroom for me. Sometimes I used to slept in father’s bedroom and sometimes I slept in guest room. The room for me was really tiny and simple. Meanwhile, as I not often came back, my parents would like to put all the groceries and trash in my room. The broken glass represents my feeling at that time. The upside down figures illustrates my favorite position on my bed. On the right side of the image, it is the house I am living now in NY. The yellow smiling faces represented how happy I was when I stayed in that area, and the bowl and noodles represented how often do I eat my meal in that area. My mood also changes with the food I ate. 

From last class I did some changes on my map. The main change is that I add some color on my map. For the first one, I used watercolor as this is more realistic. Meanwhile for the second one, I used markers to add the color as they are more graphic. Personally, I love the change I make as the color made my map more vividly and not simple lines any more.


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