Bridge 2A-Subway Video and Animation

In the Studio 2 class, we were assigned to record the New York City subway and include a theme. The theme I choose to reflect is the Street Art of Subway. Before doing the assignment, I already have some sense of the street art as I always hear the street performance in the city. However, it is my first time taking subway by myself when I was doing this assignment. It was a very new experience, to me at least. The underground subway is a new world to me. I saw different kinds of people rushing to take the subway. Some of them are very quiet and some of them are a little anxious. Every subway stations are extremely different from others. The Bedford Avenue Station located at Brooklyn, it is a place full of street art. I saw the entrance of station full of graffiti and stickers. Meanwhile, people who are at that place looked very artistic. Unfortunately, I did not capture any street performance at there, so I include some street performance at 14th station.

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