Pigment Lab Process + Regeneration Design

– At the start of the program Industrial Designer Fumikazu Masuda says, “we cannot continue like this, there is no future in mass production and consumption.” Do you agree?

I totally agree. In the beginning of the video mentioned, “ Japan produced numerous of new products and a piles of trash.” Japan is country that people almost can buy everything and consume everything. In nowadays, people more willing to think about how to produce a new product rather than consider about the waste of resource and the trash they are making.

– What was the transformative experience that made Matsuda realize he had a responsibility for what he designed?

As Matsuda mentioned, we are facing so many global problems right now. He wants to tackle this problems with design and consider the issue of regeneration. Besides being a designer, he also teaches class at college about the relationship between environmental issues and design. He taught the student to use the covers of snacks and cans to build an umbrella, and meanwhile it is also a solar system and it can boiling an egg in just an hour by using solar energy. People would like to produce decorating design because they are shinny, beautiful and attracting, but people hardly think of making the design that is useful and the beautiful decorating product soon becomes trash. However the beautiful can be redesigned and use again. Therefore Matsuda realize he had a responsibility for what he designed.

– Do you think you would take better care of objects if you had to repair them?

Yes, I would take better care of objects if I had to repair them. People do not care about the object that is usually can buy everywhere such as pencil or paper. However, if I was told that an object is unique in the world and cannot buy in anywhere, I would think this object as a priceless thing and take care of it more than other objects.

– What are examples of materials that you could design with today, that could later return to the “natural cycle” (such as the bamboo that Masuda mentions)?

Paper can be recycled in natural cycle, so do stones, metals, rubbers and woods.

– Masuda says, “nobody wants to leave the next generation with nothing but trash.” Do you think designers should consider the ability for their designs to be repaired, as part of their initial design process? What else might help create less waste?

I think designers should consider the ability for their designs to be repaired, as part of their initial design process. Because with this idea, the designers will create more useful products rather than  decorating products. The product they made will later return to the “natural cycle” which will not create so much trash and hurt the environment. The designers have the responsibility to think of the ability easy repaired as their first goal. Or the store could make a particular place for repairing so people will think of repairing product during they shopping.

What are the two things that Masuda says designers should be mindful of when designing (see timecode 20:00)? Why does he say this is important? Do you agree?

Firstly, designers must create something simple which does not use a lot of resources. The second thing is to focus on nature materials. That means extra effort does not need to go into recycling. I agree with his idea. Countries especially like Japan, they are lack of resources so it is important to think about use the material appropriately and manage how to make the product. Only when the designers thinking of those two issues in nowadays design, then we will not leave tons of trash for our offspring,

– What are you overall thoughts on this video? Did you enjoy it?

I was shocked by this video. The Japanese designer Fumikazu Masuda actually brought several useful ideas to us and I realize the importance of simple design and nature material. I also realize that we play such an important role in the sustainable life. We need to consider more in sustainable way and leave our next generation a good and peaceful environment.

2) Reflect on your process in the science labs this week:

Which bacteria did you use and why?

I used  the bacteria called Serrate marcescens because this is the only bacteria that will change the color in different temperature and it attracts me.

How does the genotype of the bacteria constrain or expand your ability to “paint” with it?

Firstly, it is hard to use more than two colors because the bacteria will mix with each other and the color will not show on the paint. Secondly, as each bacteria requires different temperature to grow, so it is hard to mix with different genotype of the bacteria.

Did you consider how temperature might influence how your paint would appear?

Yes, I did.  As the bacterias are in different genotypes,so I only choose to use when type of bacteria at a time so that they will not influence with each other.

Which petri dishes did you use and why?

I used both I AND II which are LB and LB AMP. Because there are certain bacteria that will only grow in LB and others will grow in LB AMP, and I want to try both of them.

Which components can be varied and which must remain stable?

The temperature and design of drawing can be varied but the time of growing must remain stable.

Which applicator(s) did you use and why?

I use the brush because they can make the drawing more evenly. And I use the stick,too because I need them to draw the little details.

How did you control the amount of paint distributed?

Firstly, I paint the main objects. Then, I paint the little details.Therefore, I can control which part to remain blank and which part to paint.

Do you think your work can keep growing? What would make the paint “die”?

I think my work can keep growing with time. Maybe the paint would “die” if I do not control the temperature well.

Hypothesize about the results of your choices in the lab. What do you expect to occur?

I want my paint to be clear and beautiful.

Are you enjoying the lab so far? What feedback do you have about the experience?

I am pretty enjoying the lab so far. It is my first time trying paint by bacteria and it is not that easy. Sometimes, I could not see what I paint before because there is no color on during the time I was making pattern.

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