Lab reflection


1) Post 3-5 images on your LP of your final artwork from the Lab.


2)  What is the title of your completed artwork? Did you choose something literal or provocative, why?

artwork1: Jellyfish

artwork2: Tree

artwork3: Smiling Face

I choose to paint with some simple patterns and named with them what they are.


3) Did the work come out as expected (or as you hypothesized)?

For some of them it turns out good and some of them it turns out that well. The red bacteria turns out really well and I can clearly see the image. However, the white bacteria did not show clear image on the result and it became transparent pattern in the end.

4) Did your canvas mature over time? Did you manipulate different things over time?

The bacteria changed over a week but the pattern did not change. We control the time and the temperature and the bacteria change into different colors.The red bacteria turns out exactly what I want.


5) What new questions do you have?

Does the Bacteria will keep growing over time?

6) What would you do differently next time?

Next time, I will try to use different tools to paint the bacteria and try to mix different colors together.

7) What is unique about bacteria as an art material?

The bacteria will not show the color initially. However, as the time goes by, different bacteria will turns out to be different colors and this will make the painting more interesting.

8) What messages/images do you think painting with bacteria best conveys?

I think the image of nature will be conveyed by the bacteria. Because the bacteria is a creature living in our lives but people hardly can see from their eyes. By using a living material to paint an image of nature, people will be able to see the vitality of nature more.

9) How might using bacterial paint express the concept of Long Life Design as we have discussed it in class?

Initially, bacteria is a new material for painting. This is a step for people to exploring new material on the earth. Instead of mixing all artificial materials to make the pigment, the bacteria is a nature resources that will not hurt the environment. Secondly, the pigment that made by bacteria will last for a very long time and not easy to fade. Therefore, the paint will last for a longer time.

10) What connections can you make with bacterial paint and the Long Life Design criteria?预览文档

Comparing with the Long Life Design criteria and the bacterial paint, the bacterial paint actually fulfill most of the demands that the Long Life Design needs. Firstly, the cost of the bacteria is not that high and it is easy to be made. Then, according to the result we found out in class, the bacterial paint is functional as it can show the image really well and the painting lasts for a long time. Moreover, the bacteria are not artificial and they do not hurt the environment. Finally, the bacterial paint is beautiful if the artist could draw it well.

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