Bridge #3–Proposals

The main topic of my research is How Product designers will make products both beneficial and last long.

My first proposal is to make a “3D children Book”  which is related to sustainable life and long life design. The title of the book will be called  THINK AND DESIGN BEYOND THE PRESENT. The first 1-2 pages will be an illustration of the bad condition we faced in our society. It will be Global Warming and Nature Disaster. Meanwhile, I will put  water in a  plastic bag on each page in order to reflect the sea level rising phenomenon. For page 3-4 I will use ink to draw what the world will be like in 2050. I will use paper to build 3D buildings and factories and readers will see those 3D objects when they open this page. Next few pages, I will introduce some new inventions and Long Life design Products such as Bacteria pigment and Kombucha leather clothing. At the same time, I will paste the patch of Bacteria pigment and Kombucha leather so that readers can actually feel the material. At the last two pages, I will write some ideas with pictures inserting of what we can do to save our homeland and what role we can play in this sustainable Life.

My second proposal is to make a video. The first few minutes of the video will illustrate the the bad condition we faced in our society and bad human activity. However, the next part I will focus more on how can we save the limited resources on earth and repair old object instead of buying a new product. Then, I will interview my peers, strangers and other different types of people and ask what object they have been keeping for more than five years. That object may have historical story or family connection. Then I will encourage people to do more repairing things instead of buying.

My video is below.

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