Final Project Concept

1) What is your final project idea and why do you want to make it? Describe how this design/object/idea will specifically help YOU (make sure it is designed for you, not someone else, or an anonymous user) be more resilient and navigate environmental change over the next 50 years.

My final project is to make a Multifunctional Cup. It is not a simple cup but can be use in multiple ways. Initially the cup will have two sides to use. On the top part, it is a big container, so that I can use this side to drink ice water or other beverages. On the bottom, there is another small cup inside. When I want to drink hot tea, or wine, the only thing I need to do is flip the cup and use another side. If I used more than twenty or thirty years, I can use the cup as a plant holder because it will be a beautiful decoration in my home. I try to use the sustainable idea technique in my design and I think this design works for me. In a nutshell, this cup can be used more than three ways and it is easy to repair a cup by using glue. Moreover, this simple design will save a lot of materials.

2) Describe your specific work plan for the next three weeks (please note that all project components are due May 3rd).

In the first week, I need to contact school or find a ceramics studio to make my project.

In the second week, I need to come to the studio and make the model.

In the last week, I need to bake my clay and get my final project.

3) How will you source materials?

The only material I need is clay and I can get in school’s wet lab or in the Blick.

4) How does your project specifically encourage resiliency or use resilient materials?

My project can be used in multiple ways and the material is green material. Moreover, this design is simple and convenient. As I use my own design in my daily life, this object will reminds me of the Long Life design and inspire me to live in a sustainable way.

5) How will it be repaired?

When I broke a ceramics cup accidentally, I need to buy a ceramics repair glaze and then I can fix the broken part by myself.

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