Week 13: Circle Line Trip

Compared to what you saw during your Zone Walk, what can you see and

sense differently from the boat?

Comparing Zone Walk with the Circle Line Trip, I can see more details of the infrastructure during Zone Walk and feel like I am part of the city. However, I can see the entire city far away from the Circle Line Trip.

Does New York seem prepared for sea-level rise?

Personally, I still do not think New York seems prepared for sea-level rise as I did not see much protect system during the Circle Line Trip as the Big U project is a very huge system and it needs a lot of money and time to build. Maybe after seven years, I will the Big U from the boat.

– What areas appear to be vulnerable to coastal flooding? Are any effects of

Hurricane Sandy visible?

Firstly on the West part of the New York City, where most of the financial buildings located, is vulnerable comparing to the other parts. Moreover, I think the Brooklyn Bridge is vulnerable to coastal flooding as it is a structure built above the sea.

Do you see any evidence of the Big U being constructed?

Yes, I do. When the boat starting from the Pier 83 and starting going South, I saw some connected structure which seems like part of the Big U and it levels the ground a bit higher than other place. I think those designs provide social and environmental benefits to the community

Are you able to determine which areas of the coast are built on landfill?

I found some small “islands” on the sea. There are only some small factories and trash on the island. I guess those areas are built on landfill by people and they put some non important structures and things on those islands.

Do you see any sea walls, reinforcements or marsh areas?

Yes, I do. During the middle part of our trip when our boat is close to the edge of the land, I noticed that the edge of the land is well protected with higher walls and fences.

What kind of systems do you see interacting (people, water, boats, etc.)?

I think the wall that people have built actually reduce the risk of coast flooding and protect the city. However, the problem is not fully solved as the water will come from many directions so that the wall cannot 100% to protect the city.

– How do you think the New York City coastline will change over the next 50


I think the Big U will finished after 50 years and there will be a comprehensive protect system around the New York City. There will be several connecting parks on the edge of the New York City. People can enjoy the beautiful weather during the normal times and it will be a strong protect system when the coast flooding comes.

– Reflect on the presentations. What did you learn? Did anything in particular

surprise you? Did you enjoy the trip and the perspective offered from the water?

I think the most interesting part of the presentation is when the first speak mentioned that our body are made of water and air and we are part of the earth. This idea inspired me to pay more attention to the environment around us and be always prepared for the future.

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