Monument description

My monument mainly has two part. The first part is a slanted teapot and the tea water is coming out of the spout. The second part is the running tea water and the liquid becomes tons of leaves at the bottom of the sculpture. The spout is connecting with the water smoothly so that the project won’t feel separate into two pieces. Meanwhile, the sculpture is in a big U shape so that people can still see the landscapes through the sculpture. I want my sculpture to show a particular motion of drinking Longjing Tea and the big energy containing in the Longjing Tea culture.

The cite I choose for my monument is the foot of Longjing Mountain. Because Longjing Mountain is the place where the Longjing Tea is produced. It is the home of the Tea. All the locals and tourists will see this particular monument when they want buy a pack of Longjing Tea. I want this monument to become a sign of Chinese culture.

If this design will be made in real life, I will choose to use stone as the material to make it. Firstly, the monument is in the mountain, this material will let tourists feel it is part of the nature. Moreover, stone represents fortitude, this will shows the power of Chinese culture and also inspire people to be more tenacious in their daily life

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