Long Life Design Final Project + Multifunctional Cup

STUDENT NAME: Jialin (Dan) Zhou

Project Name: Multifunctional Cup

What did you make and why?

A multiple ways used cup.

In what ways will this object/design be useful to you over 50 years of

change? How will it be resilient (used in more than one way etc. and/or encourage

social resiliency through its usage)?

It is not a simple cup but can be use in multiple ways. Initially the cup will have two sides to use. On the top part, it is a big container, so that I can use this side to drink ice water or other beverages. On the bottom, there is another small cup inside. When I want to drink hot tea, or wine, the only thing I need to do is flip the cup and use another side. If I used more than twenty or thirty years, I can use the cup as a plant holder because it will be a beautiful decoration in my home.

What specific event(s) of environmental change will it help you adapt to or


This design is going to remit the Global Warming Problem. Mainly the Global Warming problem is caused by human activities and people have make tons of trash and plastic material on earth everyday. If this design will put in the mass production in the future, people will waste less plastic material on making water cups.

What materials will you use, given what you have learned this semester about

changing resources and material availability?

I will use the Low-Fire Cone 06 Ceramic to make this cup. The ceramic metal is an inorganic, non-metallic, often crystalline oxide, nitride or abide metal. All the component are from the natural environment and will not hurt the earth.

How does your object offer function and aesthetics over time? How does it fulfill

the Long-Life Design criteria to the best of your ability?

This design can be use in multiple ways. Firstly, this cup can be used to drink hot/cold water. Then the bottom part of the cup can be used to drink tea or wine. Moreover, it can be used as a plant holder as time goes by.

Repair: The ceramics is easy to repair by using glaze or kintsugi

Cost: All the material is not expensive so everyone could afford this price.

Function:  The cup can be use in multiple ways.

Safety: The material of this cup is nontoxic.

User: This design will promote people to live in a sustainable way.

Environment: This design can be used for over 50 years so it will not waste the resource.

Design: The design of this cup is simple and clean.

Did you finish all components on time?

Yes, I did. There were some uncontrollable factors happened during the time I was making my final project but finally I finished it on time.

Were you invested in your work over the past month?

Yes, firstly I prepared to do my final project in the school wet lab. As the school wet lab is closing until the next semester, so I went to the wet lab outside and made my project.

Did you proofread your writing?

Yes, I did.

Did you meet all specifications?

Yes, I did.

Did you take care in printing your support materials (map, brief and repair story)?

Yes, I did.

Did you show creative innovation in your design and project idea (gain new skills, challenge yourself conceptually etc.)?

Yes, I did. I have learnt how to make ceramics and how to bake.

Were you prepared for your presentation and exhibit care and enthusiasm for your project?

Yes, I were.

Did you take care with your final documentation?

Yes, I did.

Any other comments or feedback you’ll like to give me about the class or your final project?

Is my design functional and can be produced in mass production in the future?

I have created a video for my final project, the link is below:

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