Cross-Course Reflection

I am Dan Zhou and this is my first year at Parsons School of Design. As finishing the first trimester in Parsons, I have a brief understanding of each major. My current major is Strategic Design and Management.

The main theme of my Integrative Seminar and studio course this year was Strategy and System, therefore, most of our projects were related to this topic. By learning Strategy and System, I was able to have a better understanding of how each system works in our society and daily life. One of the skill I learnt this year was writing proposal before actually doing the project. During the time I made my proposal, it is the process of thinking and brain storming, I could come up with more than 2 or 3 plans for my project, and this is a good way to improve my project.

One of my favorite project this year was improving the New York City Subway System. This is the project for my studio course. Before I actually design my new subway system, I did some research for the MTA. It was important to notice the weakness of the current subway system and then to make a new plan. After research, I found out that the subway stations nowadays are really dirty and crowded. Trash cans and other garbages are one of the reason to cause Track Fire and this would result in more subways delays. Therefore, my new design for the subway system was to make a moving layer under the railroad so that he trash will not stuck in the track and solve the problem of Track Fire. The project was pretty successful and I realize the importance of doing research.

The other project that I really like was the final project we made. We were allowed to use any kinds of media we want to create our final pieces. As I am a person who really likes drawing, I decide to make a 3D children book which related to the topic of sustainable life. At first, I draw every single pieces on the white paper, but I found out that the out come was not what I expected. After that, I scan all of my drawings and use Photoshop to add the color. Meanwhile, I went to a paper store and choose a special paper for printing. Finally, I print all of the image and word on the paper I choose from the store and made this book. I think this project promote me to challenge myself.

For the future, I really want to further develop the skills of systems and strategy. I am wonder can we making a system for our society or our government and putting this system into use?

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