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The Final project I did for my Studio2 course is a children’s book which related to the sustainable life. Personally, I am a person who likes drawing and painting very much, that is the reason why I choose this media to express my emotions and ideas to the viewers. At first, I was trying to use ink pen to draw pictures on papers, but the outcome does not turn into what I want to. Therefore, I scan all of my work and add the colors by using Photoshop and add the words behind all my artworks and print them with delicate paper. Then the project becomes more like a  book.

Reflecting my topic, it is really tough to solve the question of making long lasting product but also making profit for a company, so instead of design such a specific project, I decide to make a book and shows the idea of living in a sustainable way to the readers. I think by making the children’s book, I am able to transmit my ideas and designs to more people in the society. I have add some real material patch so that the readers will be able to touch and play with those material and the readers will have a better understanding of new material and new energy. On the last page of my book, I write some Environmental Friendly Tips for the children. I hope those tips will promote more people to live sustainably. 

The most challenge part of my project is trying to use different media that I’ve never thought before, but I have conquered all of the problems at the end.

I think the most successful project this semester is he book I made for my final. The drawings are well done and expressed my emotions and ideas pretty well. Moreover, I have learn a lot of knowledge about the system in our society. I like the way that we were doing research for our project before we actually making them. Because of this step, I am able to think more and have a better understanding of the society.

Reflecting on myself, I think I should think more in the class instead of only listening. Moreover, I should do more research next time and come up with more ideas for my project.

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