Parsons Challenge: The Plaster Model



The inspiration of this plaster models’ picture ,filled with rivets in body and geometric patterns on the face, is from my photography works with multiple-exposure feeling in my portfolio. I want to express the feeling that the modern people are now like living in the fence painfully. To be more exactly, they want to adapt the fast pace of life on the one hand. On the other , they want to be themselves and embrace the freedom. The metabolic expression from myself is a method to show this contradictory. In order to highlight the floundering atmosphere, I made the property of the special rope in the picture by myself in advance. In fact, it was a thick necklace with the optional order rivets in the soft cotton rope. The soft and solid feeling was also a kind of contradiction. I then made some actions of pulling and stretching to show the feeling of isolation and struggling.  When doing the photography’s post production, I simulated the feeling of multi exposure to express the feeling of escaping from the anguish of mind, from modern society, and  from the fear of loneliness. Exactly this series photograph gives me strong inspirations for my Parsons Challenge, mostly from the aspects of lonely emotion and the details of properties.

When talking about my Parsons Challeng work, I was first shocked by the plaster models put in the cabinets when I went to the art room last month. Each plaster model was set out from the different direction with different expressions, even some look like mocking. When they all put together, they gave me the impression like I was walking on the sidewalks that were bustling with people. And the cursory passerby on the road were all isolated people with indifference.  All of a sudden, I reminded the contrast between the soft cotton rope and the intense rivet. That made me want to stick the metallic rivets to the smooth and matt plaster model.  When I really started this project, I made an attempt on rearranging some geometric figures on the face of plaster model in my sketchbook. I chose the geometric figure because of the inspiration from the laceration feeling of the former photography works. At last, the composition of the picture is that in the center is the person with rivets and at sides were  the optional ordered plaster models . I want to express that in the modern society, there is always a distance even between you and your close friends and relatives. It is the spontaneous behavior of protecting ourselves from being hurt. As the physical distance between people getting closer, the psychological distance between people farther and farther, loneliness of modern man has become a common problem. The two sides plaster models are like your friends and the rivets are like the armour of a vulnerable hedgehog. Also the geometric figures on the face represent the puzzle. Although no person is a single island, every soul is sure to be  lonely of all time.

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