Project Deconstruction

Project DeconstructionTime Course first project

mind map

sketch book process and moodboard

This is the first project called “Mapping Time” of Time Course in last semester. Matt asked us to create a 2D artwork in order to visualize our own perception of a specific period of time in daily life. The reason he assigned this project I think it is because he wanted us to notice the existence of time and then use our own way to represent the existence. Through the process, it can practice our expression ability in visualizing abstract things and our understanding of non-figurative concepts.

I find my sketches at that time, it writes “bath time” and “non-time space”. Because bath time is a quiet personal period of time. And I always start thinking about the meaning of life, the mystery

of the universe during bath time. Everything becomes so quiet when I am deep in my thought and it really looks like the “non- time space” mentioned in the Time course’s reading material. And when I look back at the topic I chose that time, I guess it is because that was the first week of the whole semester. I was so nervous and anxious in an unfamiliar environment. In this way, bath time was really the most relaxed and comfortable moment for me.

The naked body at bottom part is placed like mountains for I feel totally at one with the nature, with everything. Also I chose a warm, foggy background to represent a mysterious atmosphere during a bath. And the light, the water, the hair conditioner, they all become static because time seems to be extended infinitely. My mind is free and I am actually at a primitive state. Every part of my body are exposed in the air. Every flaw I want to cover up is shown in the mirror. So I add a freckle in the lower left portion of the image.

I think the most meaningful things about this project is I get relaxed during the making process and after I finished it, I was no longer maintaining sharp vigilance and finally start embracing new environment. The most challenging part of this project is to describe my feeling of time through an artwork. For I have never noticed “time” in an artistic way and it is hard to visualize them. And if I have to do this project again, I will still choose the form of college in making a 2D artwork. The unexpected effects during the collage-making process is the most exciting thing. You will never know what kind of image you gonna get until the last second. And my classmate told me that this collage had a varporwave aesthetic feeling. So I did a lot research about vaporwave in both music and image-making. I am now obsessed with this retro and slow style mixed with glitch art and dizzy colors. I will keep exploring this art form in future work.

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