Typography and Design Research from 1920 to 1930

typeface and design that I like:

typeface:futura, designed by Walter Dexel in 1929

the cover of Vogue magazine, November 1926, by Guillermo Bolin

typeface: Broadway

Cassandre, Bifur font, 1929

Piet Zwart, NKF logo, Holland, 1924
Kazimir Malevitch, cover for Nikolaï Pounine, 1920

Kazimir Malevitch, Poster for film Dr. Mabuse, 1922-27

Eduardo Garcia Benito, VOGUE 1929


Geometric Typographic Experiments, ca. 1920

Gebrauchs Graphik Magazine, 1925-1945

typeface and design that I don’t like:

Gebrauchs Graphik Magazine, 1925-1945

Fortunato Depero, Depero Futurista, cover of bolted book, 1927

Fiat logo, unknown artist, 1921

Citroën logo, unknown artist, 1920


link: The Red List


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