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My chosen object : hammer

1. Hammer, at the first sight, reminds me of workers and my grandfather using hammer to construct and deconstruct things. It is absolutely a “masculine” object for me. When it was covered with Chanel logo, and placed on a plate as a meal, the meaning of hammer changed. It is the same as the sanitary pads with Supreme logo. The limited-edition Chanel’s bag that lots of women crazy about and limited-edition Supreme jackets that men are queuing to buy it are now share the same logo with the hammer and sanitary pad.



2. When the heavy hammer are formed by wire, they are all metal things but now the wire hammer can be bend. The hammer lost its power, which for me, is a view of today’s patriarchal society. They are powerful for they are being told that men are powerful and then they told others that male are powerful.


3.  I once seen an article talking about the culture of drinking in China. There was a sentence like this: “women are one kind of dishes on the table,”  The objectified female image inspired me and I then chose to put hammer in lots of  fast food, covered by ketchup in order to alter the nature of the hammer as a tool.  


4. I was making a posture like a male statue who owns great power. The hammer in my hand is like his scepter. While my friend Seb, wearing a feather earring and holding a bright pink hammer which covered his chest, is making a posture like lots of female in classic oil painting. My inspiration is from the European sculpture and paintings, which I found out that there were only few famous male sculptures and they all show power and masculinity by their gesture. However, there were hundreds of female nude in European art and most of them showed a lack of energy and had a submissive gesture.


5. The material of goad leaf reminds me of The Kiss by Gustav Klimt at the first sight. And the weird thing is I didn’t take the subjects in this painting as two lovers when I first saw them. In contrast, it gave me a feeling of money worship and rape things. For me, the man wearing golden coat own great power and can do whatever he wants. So I draw a vagina using the gold leaf on the left. On the right, I use hammer to strike the golden vagina violently to break its original texture.











Questions for 2 diptychs


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