Bridge II – Final Reflection

final 2 diptychs:

Audio collage diptychs:

(play track1 and track 2 at the same time or just play the third track to listen to the whole effect)

track 1


track 2


the  effects that 2 tracks play at the same time



I create two audio collages (track 1 and track 2) as a pair of diptychs and are used to be played at the same time. You can play the third audio bar to listen to the whole effect or play the first and the second audio bar toghether.

I used the sound of high heels and the sound of construction process like hammers hitting metal or glass, drilling, steaming in the factory with the Acappella version of  Cell Block Tango in the broadway show Chicago. I want to create a scene that women ,wearing high shoes, are working in factories and talking about their dead boyfriends.


Video diptychs:


I want to explore more about my previous diptychs, the pink hammer photography. So this time I choose to use the media of video the represent my feeling toward gender role.


“write a paragraph answering the following questions”:

  1. What is your topic and how has it evolved/changed after all the diptychs you’ve created?
  2. What materials did you explore that were the most successful at supporting your topic?
  3. What materials did you explore that failed to support your topic or were not very good and supporting the content?

My topic is gender, and I think my topic has been evolved into more specific part, like gender stereotype or gender inequality after theses 7 diptychs are created. For me, the material of  digital drawings of hammer and sanitary pad and the material of audio in audio diptychs support my topic the best. But the artwork using gold leaf fail to represent my topic, for it is used only as a decoration , not much into the meaning of my topic. Next time, I want to explore more about the symbolic meaning of gold leaf and the relationship between gold leaf and gender.


“Write a new paragraph explaining what different contexts (history, politics, fashion, art, economics, environment, etc.) your topic is apart of.”

I think my topic of gender is apart of the context of environment to a large extent. It is the same as the my 7 diptychs, none of them is related to environment and none of my materials is environmental friendly. So  it is a new way for me to develop my theme and works deeper when considering two seemingly different contexts and integrate them. It is a new way of seeing when jumping out of the original context and find connections between irrelevant ideas.

“Transfer the vocabulary from the Critique Vocabulary Walk Around, completed in class, organized as a taxonomy (grouping the words and ideas).”

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