Typography & Design Research 1980- 1990

Wolfgang Weingart

“Wolfgang Weingart (born 1941) is an internationally known graphic designer and typographer. His work is categorized as Swiss typography and he is credited as “the father” of New Wave or Swiss Punk typography.”


“While he is of Hungarian descent, Tibor was a very influential American graphic designer in the 1980s and 90s. He attended NYU, where he studied journalism, before dropping out and going to work for a small book store. The store would eventually become Barnes and Noble, the literary retail giant, Tibor would become the director of their in-house design firm. Together with Carol Bokuniewicz and Liz Trovato he formed the design company M&Co., which was named after his wife, Maira. He is most famous for his provocative work for the publications Interview, and especially Colors. Colors magazine is a quarterly publication intended for young adults world wide, it is published in 4 different languages. “



Takenobu Igarashi

“Takenobu Igarashi is one of the Japanese greats, his work ranging from graphic design, industrial to environmental and even sculpture. He’s been a member of AGI since 1981. His book, ‘Igarashi Alphabets: From Graphics to Sculptures’ showcases quite a few of his typographic projects and experiments in both 2D and 3D mediums. His interest in three-dimensional letters and typography has led to projects like ‘Aluminum Alphabet’ (1983), ”Ori (Folded) Alphabet’ (1985), his impressive ‘MoMA Calendar Series’ (1984-1993) for which he’s drawn over six thousand different numerals (isometric, done before computers), ‘Transformable Alphabet’ (1981), ‘Mirror Alphabet’ (1981), ‘Scultpure H’ (1981) and many others.”




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