Final Studio Project Proposal IS2

3 Questions:

  1. (from my taxonomy) Why are most of women characters in religious paintings and bible paintings holding a baby, even the virgin with the child? Is that being a mother the only role of women?
  2.  What’s the relationship between uterus, men and women?
  3. In China, who dominate the reproductive right? 

External resources such as visual images from other artists you find relevant and inspiring:

 Frida Kahlo , My birth, 1932Frida Kahlo, Henry Ford Hospital (la camo volando), 1932

Uterus Man by Lu Yang

Images from visual “popular” culture that you think support your thesis:

“if the village wants to be more prosperous, have more children”
“One child born outside the policy, all parents ligatured in the village”


Cultural artifacts:

(from my taxonomy, found in MET)

Lippo Memmi (Filippo di Memmo) (Italian, Sienese, active by 1317–died 1356)
Madonna and Child with Saints and Angels, ca. 1350

 Venus of WillendorfVenus of Willendorf

( in the Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria)


Relevant data collected from your research in seminar (this can be quotes or links to articles or websites, etc.) which support or reinforce your project idea:

Are Women “Baby-Making Machines”? :

“It tells what has been a sadly familiar story in China where hundreds of thousands of women and children have been abducted and sold into slavery. ” :


Any research on mediums and materials you have or plan to do/conduct. For instance, if you plan on making a sound installation, what do you anticipate you will need to research? (microphones, digital recording devices, etc.)

I was interested in acrylic painting which draw on canvas for I never try oil painting before. I think I need to learn how the characteristics of acrylic and the basic techniques  and processes of drawing oil painting.



Create 3 mock-up sketches of your idea (or ideas) in your journal/sketchbook (can be done digitally) and include them in this LP post.


My prototype:

I made my prototype in Photoshop as a quick way to represent the idea and image that I want to present. In order to see how well it well work on canvas with acrylic paints, I drew a small sample with a 6×6 canvas. I think the grey tone of the whole image instead of the red womb is really working when seeing the small sample. It really gives out a cold and creepy mood as I want. But one thing is not working that well is that, I am not so familiar with the acrylic drawing technique. The gradient color shown in the shadow part is hard to draw and I didn’t draw it smoothly. So I really need to see some drawing tips and instructions on YouTube to learn more about acrylic painting. In the morning class’s group critic, one of Bo’s comment is really interesting. He said that the student, doctor and bride I chose all have something to do with reproduction. For female student, they have young and healthy womb. For doctors, they can deliver the baby. For bride, they are the future mother. These are something I didn’t notice before.

For next class, I would probably bring the large size painting on canvas. Of course I would watch the drawing techniques on Youtube first before I start painting on the large canvas.


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