Space/ Materiality: Inhabited Space Project Final Documentation


texture collage:

perspective drawing:


laser cut:


L-shape mechanical connection:



Descriptive paragraph:

I was inspired by De Stijl architecture, especially the Rietveld Schröder House which did not have specific walls and have connections between the inside and outside. Giorgio de Chirico’s painting are also my inspiration for its surrealistic style and arch doorway in his paintings.  The function of my structure is a public place where people can have a rest. So my structure does not have walls and doors, people can come and go in all directions freely. Also there are some steps and structures with different height that people can sit or climb. The rain collection is constituted by a slope on the roof  and a channel on the ground. As a result, the water will fall into the channel and flow to places like lawn and pools that need water. As a public place structure, I want people can have a rest here and at the same time to play with the structure. Therefore I put a an blue acrylic doorway with three arches and an acrylic structure that people can stay when raining outside. The textural elements I used are marble, Klein blue sand and Chinese blue-and -white porcelain. What’s more, I use blue acrylic paint to color some surface my texture. The blue and white tone is clean and simple that it is  suitable for my minimalism structure and also reference the chinese porcelain culture. The reason I used blue sand photo as my environment picture under the structure is that I want to create a surrealistic and ritual feeling which at the same time match the acraylic arches that are usually used in religious building.

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