Concert System

Concert System


  • Concerts have their own types of system
  • From artists and fans, to venues and merchandise
  • BTS concerts in North America
  • They are different from concerts by other artists because fans (who have general admission) would camp out few days ahead of the show
  • The general admission line is a highlight of the entire BTS concert system


Leverage Point:

Low leverage point:

  1. The venue staff would escort campers out (around 10 people) since camping is not allowed, but once the number of people add up, they would not be able to do so.
  2. Once the line is formed, fans would their own organizing team for line-up. The problem with this self-organization is that, the team could only keep around 200-300 people under control. Once exceed that number, it would be hard for the team to control the line since there are too many people (there are usually around 2,000-3,000 people in general admission for arena shows, and around 7,000-8,000 people in general admission for stadium shows)

High leverage point:

Putting numbers on the general admission tickets would eliminate the lining-up problems since the numbers represent the order of going into the venue. This would not only help eliminating the conflicts between fans and venue staffs, but it would also prevent fans from camping out few days before the show.

Feedback Loop:


  • More and more fans who bought general admission tickets come to the venue few days before the show and begin to camp outside the venue


  • During the time when the venue staff hands out official wristbands, G.A. fans could leave and come back later that day. Although there are G.A. fans come during the day of the concert, the number of people at the venue would not add up since most of the campers have already left the venue.


Productive Intervention:

Releasing number in the official general admission

In South Korea, venues imply the numbering system on the general admission tickets. When fans purchase G.A. tickets, there are numbers on the ticket indicating the order of fans entering the venue. The numbers are official. In order to prevent any camp-outs, potential disagreement or fights between G.A. fans, the venues in North America should imply the numbering system on the G.A tickets.

Group members:

Jacey Chen

Iris Yang

Jing Xu



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