Final Project of Sustainable System

Topic and preliminary concept to“Final Project choice”

For this project, I decide to make a collage poster about sea pollution of plastic bags. Plastic in the ocean causes great harm towards marine life directly. For example, sea turtles would mistake plastic bags as jellyfish and ingest them which cause the blockage of the intestines. The fish are consuming small particles of plastic thinking it is plankton or other food then the plastic enters the food chain of the ocean. Tons of plastic ending up in the ocean damages the marine ecosystem and inevitably will be harmful to the survival of the humanity.
For the collage, I want to create a image of a man wrapped by different kinds of plastic shopping bag that we see every day. The man is sitting on a chair in the center of the ocean. In the bottom of this collage poster, there is a sentence saying “We could’ve saved ourselves”. And besides the sentence are one clothes bag and one paper bag which calls on people to use environmental-friendly bags instead of plastic bags.

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