Integrative Studio 1: 7 Days

DAY1: She has a brother and she always played with him. She and her brother usually ride skateboards.

DAY2: I drew 3 portraits of her. First one is a regular drawing, second is blind contour and the third one is abstract portrait.

Day3: I took 3 videos of her expression. They are cold, exciting and happy. Her eyes looking up and outside describes the excitement that she felt when she saw the outside view of my place. The hand covering and rubbing her arm shows cold. Lastly, her foot moving freely express her happiness.

Day4: We did not go to the karaoke but we sang a song to each other in my place. We turned on the music on a laptop and sang.

Day5: We made our favorite food in my place. We did not make food separate because we find the same food that we love together. That is a salad so we made it together with green leaves, cherry tomato, and several kinds of cheese.

Day6: We went to the Met together on Sunday and viewed the exhibition of “Talking Pictures: Camera-Phone Conversations Between Artists.” It was very exciting but we could not take a video long time because one of the securities said us not to take it.

DAy7: I made a desk decoration to her with her initial letter D.

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