Drawing/Imagining: Analysis of Structure and Representation: Disruption, Equality and Inclusion in Art and Design


The artwork, The Equality Of People (1989), from Cedomir Kostovic shows equality obviously because a white and black person paint each other’s own color. It is very simple to use a focal point of design principle, but clear poster to show the meaning. On the surface, it seems to represent only the racial discrimination but I think it includes every issue because black and white are the fundamentals of colors. I thought that people experience many kinds of discrimination in our society. Not only racism but everything is important that we should consider. To make a change, I think that people examine all of the issues and turn from a basis so I chose this painting because it looks simple and basic and interprets in the two ways.



This artwork, You are safe with me, done by Sheri Hoeger painted oil on board. Rainbow color thread is weaving in the color order and there is a fine pin in the middle using a focal point of design principles. It might be said that the various colors represent diverse taste like as race, gender, or even personality and the fine pin combines together. I think the fine pin also express people’s minds that understand others. The first thing to break a discrimination is to open mind and try to understand. I think this artwork shows the comprehension and combination well. It can narrate every kind and country of concerns. I felt that only colors can reveal equality and the theme very obviously.


Colors most affected me and I have an interest in patterns. Like the two paintings above, paintings are able to depict their idea of equality with only colors. It’s surprising because using simple things artwork was expressed on its purpose. I think that I will be incompetent for changing people’s thought about discrimination because the inequality has spread deep root. Also, in these days, the norm of equality depends on personality and environment they grew not the general people. Therefore, I am expecting that I introduce my culture and country with my artwork to reduce racism about Asian, especially Korean, that I experienced. If others try to inform their own complication, our society can be more equal. If I am going to be an interior designer, I want to display space to decorate with furniture, sculpture, and paintings etc. I will present the place with modern western and traditional Koren things. Two styles of them are so different, so I will stabilize the space having modern atmosphere but, in detailed, using traditional Korean pattern. For example, display and shape of furniture are from western and the pattern of the furniture is Korean’s. Also, I will try to change the color of the pattern referring the diversity because Korean traditional pattern and painting were depicted with limited color. I hope that people think my work well-organized and well-combined. Also, I hope that it evokes people an interesting of my culture and country.

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