Integrative Studio 1: Bridge 2


My video is my partner Darina’s story connected with her passion for art. She wanted to study art instead of other subjects like as math or science that her parents desired her to study due to a stable job. She struggled a lot to make her parents understand because she could not give up her dream. Her memory that she went to museums with her father in her childhood led her to dream of being an artist. Finally, she went to boarding school in England. At her high school, she experienced tough problems but she was satisfied because she learned what she wanted. I wanted to convey her struggling, adamant, passionate, and lonely. In the first part, to show two scenes by turns, I want to describe her struggling before she left for England. Foot scenes walking on the road means that she kept going to her dream even though she had a tough time. The scene that she draws intends her passion and firm will and rainy scene depicts her loneliness and sadness about her tough life as an international student. Red lockers show time was passing and crowd people imitate other classmates. Also, the rainy window intimates the hard time she experienced and the walking foot shows that she kept striving her study even though she had some trouble in her school.

Adjusting sound in the video and making it effective was hard parts to make the video portrait. I tried to find sound effects on the websites but almost every things are just repeated and short to put in three minutes video. Some sounds are extracted from music and sound effects were overlapped. Also, it was difficult to connect each video naturally. I tried to use video effect to overlap naturally but I think that some pieces did not work well. It was funny to learn a new technique editing a video. I worried that the video depicts my idea and my partner’s experiences well or not. I struggled to incorporate all her experience in this video but
I am not sure that I did. The proudest thing is to complete this project.


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