Integrative Studio 1: Site Research

10 Facts:

  • The street is located in the middle of China Town in Manhattan
  • The street is only 61 meters long.
  • The street consists of barber shops, both Chinese and other kinds of restaurants, and China Town branch of the USP Service.
  • The name Doyers came from Hendrik Doyers in the 18th century who owned the property on Bowery Street.
  • In late 18 to early of 19 century, Doyers Street was famous for its first Chinese language theater in New York City.
  • The theater was turned into the rescue mission for homeless
  • The nickname of the street back in the early century was “the Bloody Angel”.
  • The name was given due to the shootings between Chinese gangs (Tong gangs) of Chinatown which was lasted until 1930.
  • In 1994, it was reported by law enforcement department that more people died in these violent shootings compared to other streets.
  •  The shootings were occurred even in the crown where the theater was full of 400 people. This shooting was the fight between Hip Sing Tong and On Leong Tong.

    When we chose the site, we were surprised that the dangerous and notorious street called murder street is existed in New York City, even in China Town because we couldn’t imagine that the street is described specifically and directly. Also, we didn’t recognize the street even though we went to China town several times. All of our group members are International students and Asians so we might think that Asians’ areas are safer and more comfortable. However, in a society of New York City, it can be a perilous spot. We wanted to go there and see for ourselves. Moreover, we thought that the place can be a good source to make an interesting story containing some cruel or hairy elements.

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