Drawing/Imaging: In Pursuit of “Intersubjective Vistas”: A Journey to My Dream



I usually dream about daily life things and it comes out in my head soon. However, I often have nightmares. One of the memories of nightmares is that when I was young, I was at home, and ants and worms came into my house. The floor was filled with worms and I went up to the table to avoid them. I put the photograph I took in New York on the right top corner to show my usual dream and I collage three ants on it.


Dissolving the wall means that I can able to look at outside for me. I wanted to show the meaning of seeing the nature and the sky outside the wall. I painted blue acrylic paints in the middle to seems like getting into the sky. Also, in order to give a dreamy atmosphere, I applied brush and blur effect in Photoshop.

If an object reminds me a person or a specific memory, it means the memory of the object. The object contains some memory for me. If the thing has special meaning only to me, it is different to me even though it is the same thing. I put several objects, that I have memories of them, to a head.


All of the pieces are related to my thoughts and memories and the three pieces expressed different time; present, future, and past. However, I created different atmospheres on each piece because of my thoughts and perspective at the time. I used hand drawings like charcoal, ink, and acrylic. Also, I translated into Photoshop to make layers or background mood.


Final project mock-up



Proposal For Drawing/Imaging: Places and Things

Final Project

“A journey to a dream”

Ji Yoon Lee


I plan to depict my journey of how my college career started in New York based on my dreams and a memory of a specific object of importance to me. My dream is to be about daily life and soon vanish away from my memory. The object was a gift from my best friend for my new start in New York. I still keep it and it reminds me her.


Using a continuous narrative of my object and drawing a path, I will show my journey. I will covey my usual night dreams by using my photograph for a background to show my daily life.


  1. I will make a curtain on the side and curtain pole on the top with real materials. Wood will be placed at the bottom to indicate the window frame.
  2. I will put on my black and white photograph of the New York street that adjusted blur effect with photoshop from the right top corner to center.
  3. I will paint watercolor on the path and charcoal on the rest part.
  4. I will duplicate a person and an object and place them in different parts in different places to show my past moments.

Materials/Methods of analog and digital integration

I will use a photograph, photoshop, charcoal drawing, watercolor painting, collage, and illustrate.

I will change the color of my photograph to black and white and use a brush in photoshop evoking a feeling as like a dream. I will put it for the background and I will be painted with charcoal and watercolor on it for a natural connection. Also, I will trace a photograph of the person and the object in illustrator and collage on the top.

Color Application

I will use black and white palette through and purple for emphasizing the object.


I will use my photograph that I took and drawing.


The road in the picture is the way to my dream. It is shown a journey how I started a new career in school. A girl is watching from far away and a girl is walking to New York street. I’m on my way with my object from a new beginning. I only painted the object because I thought this thing was the starting point for this new beginning and now it is the starting stage, far from my dreams. Now, it is a black and white paint, but later the paintings will all be colored.


Class Installation


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