Integrative Studio1: Bridge 5

Cristobal Balenciaga Memorial



I make a structure of a woman with wire and cover it with newspapers and aluminum foils. After I taped and fixed the structure, clay was attached to make a volume of the ideal body. I put Balenciaga’s saying that shows his philosophy on the fabric with stitch. And I wrapped the fabric around my figure. I was inspired by Balenciaga’s life that he did not create ready-made brand because of his philosophy. He thought that he would lose the quality of clothes if he uses a factory. It was impressing that he kept his philosophy without pursuing honor or money. So I wanted to learn about his philosophy and let it know through the memorial. By using an ideal body wrapped with fabric, I wanted to show that one of his philosophies, dress makes the woman’s body perfect. A woman dressing in his clothes seems to be the ideal body that everyone dreams of. The color conveys his inspiration and the fabric, silk gazar, was developed and used by him. Also, he stood alone because he did not follow the trend at the time and contact with media. Instead of showing his isolation in the piece, I chose to express the mood on the site. I placed my memorial with paintings not related with fashion in Moma gallery because it evokes the mood in unconnected place. The challenge was that the clay is not dry well and the sculpture cannot stand by itself. There were cracks even though it was dried, so I overlapped clays. Also, I fix it to stand with colored pencils.

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