Drawing Through the Making Center: Laser Wear

This project is to design a bracelet or necklace for my partner and make it using laser cut.



In this project, I interviewed McKayla and learned about her tastes very well. Through the interview, I planned to make a necklace with a different shape of stars. I designed a hung down necklace with points in the middle. I cut the Basswood 1/4 into stars using laser cut and then connected it with chains and jump rings. I originally wanted to make the middle piece that the inside stars are able to spin but I could not find the way to move. I changed to overlapping stars. I focused on making a refined and thin piece but I was struggling because of burning. The Basswood was almost burning when it was cut by laser cutting machine. My pieces’ width between the outline of stars and the hole is too narrow and stars only with the line are too thin, so the pieces were broken. I tried it with many different ways and changed the pattern of my work. I learned that I could make jewelry in a variety of ways and use various materials I hadn’t thought of before. From now on, I can use laser cut that has clear-cut and expresses the detailed design to work on other projects.



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