Drawing Through the Making Center: Transparent Illusions

In this project, we made a clear sticker that put on the window we chose to create an illusion of the stickers and scenery.



Preliminary Drawings

I sketched the preliminary drawings with illustrator.

Preliminary Prototypes

Prototypes on tracing paper

prototypes on the window

Final Drawings

The Final Outcome on the window

After I imagined what I put on my bedroom window, I drew preliminary sketches using illustrator and placed it on the picture of the window to measure scales of the stickers. I thought that it seems little heavy because the early drawings have only outlines. I add more variety thickness of lines and brushes to make a texture and value of my stickers.

I did not look outside often because I was bored and dry with only buildings and roads. So I wanted to make the appearance through the window look exciting by using stickers and the scenery outside. I also wanted to make stickers for my dolls on the shelf under the window. My concept is a childish and imaginative image. I focused on making stickers of various scales and harmony. I am satisfied with the outcome of this project. It looks cute and has different angles to it. But one missing point is that the sticker on the left building and the rest do not match in proportion.



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