Drawing Through the Making Center: Final Project

Original Artwork

“Untitled (Policeman)” by Kerry James Marshall

Preliminary Drawing




Final outcome


Detail shot



I am responding to “Untitled (Policeman)” by Kerry James Marshall because when I saw this work, I felt bored and a little scared.

The original artwork is about the numerous death of African American people at the hands of an armed policeman. It depicts a black policeman in an ambiguous position.My concept is showing the policeman’s mind. As you can see in the sketch, I want to make a artwork that combines a 2D and a 3D and put the lighting in front of the background and models.

I imagined that I put the lighting in front of the background and model. The lighting shoot a strong light, and it would be interesting to see a shadow that changes with the movement of the lighting.

To make a background, I mixed to use a monotype and dry point. I do etching some policeman at the bottom and other buildings and sky draws with yellow blue and purple using monotype. I wanted to use it instead of other ways because When I experienced printing, the results were blurred. If I had a printing background rather than a vivid painting, a 3D model would be highlighted. I want to make a big background, so I tried to do printmaking 4 times and combine them to one. Then I used the illustrators to draw a person expressing the policeman in the original painting and laser cut to make the model. Also I want to make the model looks dinamic, so I put more layers on it.

The background reflects the mood and image of other non-black policemen, and the 3D model shows a confused image of black police. And the shadow is a confused heart, but I wanted to show the black police in a group of policemen.

I wanted to emphasize the distance between the other policeman’s sentiment at the time and the mind of the black police to separate the person model from the background. Also I wanted to create an atmosphere opposite to the original work to show the painless state of the other police at that time.

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