Drawing Through the Making Center: Monotype and Drypoint

In this project, I read myths, sketched my interpretation of the myth I chose and expressed it using print marketing.

-What is a short overview of the assignment and purpose?
-What was your process? (Include visual of the sketches, stages and all parts of the process) Explain how you went about completing the project and what tools applied.
-What did you focus on? Concept? Goal?
-What did you learn? Did the critique play a part? Were changes made?
-What will you take with you beyond the time of the project?



Premilinary Sketch for Monotypes

Mixed media outcome

I chose two myths; King Midas and the Gold and Pandora’s Jar. I put the printmaking glass on my sketch and put the inks on the plate. I used my hand, brushes, a roller and q-tips as tools for textures. I placed the glass on the press machine, put a wet paper on it, and then printed it under mechanical pressure. Unfortunately, I could only get one print and I made a mix media out of it with collage.

My drawing is based on a myth of Pandora’s Jar. In the story, because Pandora opens the jar, evils are released and start to torture people. So I imagined the time when the jar was opened. In the center, there is a circle implying the jar and flows show that evils came out from the jar. I used a dark color for flows such as black, blue, red to make a frightening atmosphere, unlike the center. The center is brighter than outside because jar was pure container before opened.

I used collage to mixed media because I want to put various texture in the piece. The preliminary drawing was like a mark making drawing but it couldn’t come out well with monotypes so I attached the pieces from a magazine.

Premilinary Sketch for Drypoint

Printmaking Glass

Drypoint outcome

I chose two myth: Coyote Spills the Stars and The Thunder Beings. Unlike monotype, I etched the plate and put the inks in the crevices.

My drawing is from The Thunder Beings. In the story, one of the men of the tribes prayed to rain for crops but the god of thunder bring rain and lighting. I drew a mountain of many streams and a figure of people sitting on it. Man intimated the god of thunder and the water expressed the rain that fell through him and his sons using thunder and lightning.

The thing I missed is not to etch deeply so the outcome is not clear.


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